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Updated: Jan 20

With 23 years of dance experience the dream of "Center Stage" was born the first time I saw the Kilgore College Rangerettes perform in 1986. I knew from that moment, that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I was in my first drill team at the age of 5. I was in and out of various drill teams throughout my school years and consistently took ballet and jazz in the studio under Jan Kinecht in Lancaster, TX until the age of 18. In 1999, I performed for what would be my last time as lead in Eastfield Community College's Spring Show in Mesquite, TX. My passion for dance never left me and it was all I ever wanted. No matter how I tried doors never opened for me, and I did not dance again for another 10 years. During this time, I finished college, had a family, and had my eyes opened to the reality that my real passion was Jesus Christ. I surrendered my life and gave up everything including my dance dream. Sitting in church many years later, I was floored when I watched a group of dancers take the stage in a ballet performance during our worship service. The two loves of my life merged that day.

I began working with the leader of that dance team, who was also the owner of Prima Ballerina Dance Studio in Fairfield, TX. I taught, assisted, took class there and won 1st place in the adult division at the Fairfield Rotary Talent Show that year, in 2009. While teaching and dancing there, I also took class at Joy's School of Dance in Waco, TX. After three years of this combination and working closely with the owner of Prima Ballerina Dance studio, she left Texas to dance professionally and gave me the studio. In my 30s, with three children, my 16 year old self finally got her dream. Funny thing is, by this time, my 30 year old self didn't want it anymore. I was content with my life. It was a struggle and took an act of God to accept. Through much consideration and prayer the Lord was clear as He spoke that I had been center stage my whole life, and now that He was center stage of my life, He would be the driving force to share this gift. Center Stage is about Christ being center. I teach dancers to train hard, work as if they are working for the Lord, do not hoard or squander what they have been given, but realize that dance is a precious gift that this world needs more of. I look forward to sharing this gift with this amazing community!

Forever Grateful,

Kristi Lasher


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